42 GHz Spectrum

The use of 42 GHz spectrum (40.5 to 43.5 GHz) has been normalized for high speed broadband by several international agencies, including the European Union, ETSI, and CEPT. With a range of 3 kilometres, its use is ideal  for network deployments in medium density areas (e.g., suburbs) in temperate climates.

With 42 GHz spectrum, a service provider is able to offer better than ADSL 2+ services for residential and business customers in areas where the population density is widespread, and hence where the rollout of fibre is cost prohibitive.

Combined with a 3G/3G+/LTE return path, the return on investment of a 42 GHz deployment is very attractive, especially in areas where fibre infrastructure is hard to extend or inappropriate. It is also possible to provide uplink capabilities using C Band WiMAX, which expands upload bandwidth to 8 Mbps. For higher bandwidth requirements, customers should talk to a Bluwan sales representative regarding the use of the Bluwan 42 GHz FTTA transceiver in the their deployments.