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During Mobile World Congress 2014, Bluwan had the honour of participating in a panel session about Creating the Future Access Network. We were able to capture some of the content of the discussion and would like to share it with you. Here is a five-part series of articles, each of which addresses key points about the future of access networks.

Latest evolution offers revolutionary bandwidth enhancements to backhaul and access networks through a ‘pay as you grow’ model

In this white paper, Bluwan: Examines how operators can benefit from new technologies to address the bandwidth density challenge, addressing such topics as capacity, coverage, and total cost of ownership, Provides an evaluation of the backhaul toolkit for delivering multi-gigabit HetNet capacity, Provides real operator case studies on how to survive the next ‘mobile data storm’.

Recent coverage in the Southern African Wireless Communications magazine. Shayan Sanyal CCO of Bluwan discusses the merits and drawbacks of using E-band as a solution to alleviating capacity on saturated mobile networks.

28 06 2013

Advanced Antennas

In this recently published article on The Mobile Network, entitled "Antenna Technology", Shayan Sanyal, CCO of Bluwan talks about industry advances in antenna technology and how these innovations will impact the industry